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Probiotics- Natren Probiotics- Natren
Superdophilus-Acidophilus Superdophilus-Acidophilus
Bifidonate-Bifido Bifidonate-Bifido
Bulgaricum-L.Bulgaricus Bulgaricum-L.Bulgaricus
Trenev Trio-3 in 1 Combo Trenev Trio-3 in 1 Combo
Life Start-Children Life Start-Children
Life Start 2 Life Start 2
Life Start Pro Life Start Pro
Probiotic Animal Food Probiotic Animal Food
Yoghurt Starter Yoghurt Starter
Books Books
EFA-Essential Fatty Acids EFA-Essential Fatty Acids
Efamarine-EPO & Fish Oil Efamarine-EPO & Fish Oil
Efamol-EPO Efamol-EPO
Efalex Capsules-Brain/Eye Efalex Capsules-Brain/Eye
Efalex Liquid - Brain/Eye Efalex Liquid - Brain/Eye
Efamol Mother and Baby Efamol Mother and Baby
Pomi-T (original brand) Pomi-T (original brand)
Pomi-T Pomi-T
Greenfoods Greenfoods
GreenMagma- Barley Grass GreenMagma- Barley Grass
Chia Seeds Organic 450g Chia Seeds Organic 450g
Chlorella Organic Chlorella Organic
Animal Green Foods Animal Green Foods
Kyolic-Famous Aged Garlic Kyolic-Famous Aged Garlic
Kyolic Liquid Kyolic Liquid
Kyolic Capsules Kyolic Capsules
Gelatin Capsules - Empty Gelatin Capsules - Empty
 Foods Foods
Chia Seeds Chia Seeds
Harker Herbals Harker Herbals
Salvestrols Salvestrols
Salvestrol Salvestrol
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Creams, Gels, Ointments Creams, Gels, Ointments
NatureWorks  NatureWorks
NatureWorkSwedish Bitters NatureWorkSwedish Bitters
NatureWorks Calendula NatureWorks Calendula
Calendula Cream Calendula Cream
Solgar-Vitamins & Herbs Solgar-Vitamins & Herbs
Amino Acids Amino Acids
Lecithin Lecithin
Vitamin A/ Vitamin D/ CLO Vitamin A/ Vitamin D/ CLO
100% Natural Carotenoids 100% Natural Carotenoids
Antioxidants Antioxidants
Vitamin B Vitamin B
Vitamin C/Bioflavonoids Vitamin C/Bioflavonoids
Natural Vitamin E Natural Vitamin E
Children's Vitamins Children's Vitamins
Minerals Minerals
Multivitamins Multivitamins
Gold Specifics Range Gold Specifics Range
Joint Care Range Joint Care Range
Digestive Aids/Probiotics Digestive Aids/Probiotics
Fibre Fibre
Essential Fatty Acids Essential Fatty Acids
Specialty Supplements Specialty Supplements
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Standardised PotencyHerbs Standardised PotencyHerbs
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 Welcome to Probiotics
Welcome to Probiotics

Welcome to Probiotics NZ.

We are building a new website-its on its way! If you have trouble placing your order please contact our pharmacy- Nicola Johns Pharmacy P 09 5283391- for help.

Pomi-T price is now $38 for 60 capsules.

A testimonial from one of our customers

"I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease in 2015 and since then have tried many treatments to support healing.  In December 2016 I started using the Natren Probiotics range (Dairy - Lifestart, Superdophilus, Bifidonate and Bulgaricum) and was blessed with a dramatic improvement in my health, including improved digestion, more energy and vitality, less pain and discomfort and increased weight.  I strongly believe that the Natren Probiotics have played a major part in my recovery and thank Nicola and Probiotics NZ for the excellent service they provide in making Natren Probiotics available in NZ." J.B. West Coast, South Island, NZ.


"As someone with an Inflammatory Bowel Disease, I have had a compromised immune system and often am plagued with painful mouth ulcers.  I have found great success chewing Solgar Wild Oregano Oil capsules, to help quickly alleviate any signs of a sore throat and rapid healing of mouth ulcers.  One word of warning though - the Oregano Oil is very powerful and will sting for about a minute in your mouth as you chew on the capsule.  This soon disappears and after doing it a few times you get used to the major discomfort!  No pain, no gain.  I would recommend using with caution, only when needed, and not with young children." J.B. West Coast, South Island, NZ.

Natren probiotics are manufactured to pharmaceutical level GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). This means they are "top quality" probiotics. Your probiotic order arrives to your door in a chilly bin with ice gel packs to keep them cold.  Please note, our orders are sent out Monday to Wednesday only so if you order any time after Tuesday, your order will leave the following Monday due to refrigeration requirements.

Here are new "news" for August: go to NEWS page.... 

Could a Sweet Tooth in Pregnancy Spur Allergies in Kids?

As maternal sugar intake rose, so did allergies and asthma in kids by age 7, study found

NZ's The Bowel Cancer Foundation Trust quotes : Probiotics re populate the digestive tract with the healthy bacteria restoring our natural balance.
Pharmacy led Probiotics NZ say they are seeing an increase in intestinal digestive disorders and bowel irregularities. 
“We are seeing many people with conditions that have resulted from taking too many antibiotic courses.”

Pomi T , has four super foods squeezed into a capsule for a convenient way to boost your daily healthy polyphenols.   Our Pomi T is the original, authentic brand and is the only available polyphenol rich food supplement which has been clinically evaluated in a double blind, placebo, controlled, government approved trial adhering to EU Good Clinical practice , ethical guidelines See cancernet.co.uk/pomi-t-htm. 

  A healthy intestinal function is critically important to overall health. Growing numbers of people lack vitality and suffer from complaints like allergies, headaches, lack of energy, excessive fatigue, digestive disorders, along with a variety of emotional states ranging from mild depression to mood swings and anxiety. Natren probiotics are specifically designed to positively effect each part of the gastrointestinal tract and help these symptoms.

Natren probiotics are pharmaceutical grade quality probioitcs- audited GMP Good Manufacturing Practice to pharmaceutical level- the gold standard. You can trust their quality.

Please use our contact page to get in touch with us or phone us on 09 5283391. We can help you choose the right probiotic for you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Regards, Nicola Johns, Pharmacist

 Featured Items
Featured Items
Probiotics-Nature's Internal Healers(Book)
Probiotics-Nature's Internal Healers(Book)
Learn everything you need to know to become proactive about your own health and longevity.
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Item #90006-3

FelineDophilus (20ml) syringe for cats
FelineDophilus (20ml) syringe for cats
Felinedophilus supports overall wellness by promoting healthy digestion,weight management,thicker shinier coats,helps control bad breath. Enhances energy levels;uplifts.
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Item #14020
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