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 Efamol FAQs
Efamol FAQs

Q1. How long do should I keep taking Efamol Essential Fatty Acid Products for?

Efamol products generally replace a deficiency of Essential Fatty Acids and therefore are usually required to be taken for a lifetime. If stopped original symptoms return after 3 - 6 months. Efanatal is the only product taken for a defined period i.e. pregnancy, breastfeeding and usually for first 2 years of baby's life.

Q2. Do I take Efamol or Efamarine?

Usually Efamol is taken if symptoms are hormonal e.g. menopause, hot flushes, PMS (premenstrual symptoms)  Otherwise Efamarine is taken.

Q3. Why are Efamol products expensive compared to most brands?
The growing of the plants, extraction processes of the oils, and production methods of Efamol are superior to other brands hence they cost more. We can rely on Efamol being a safe form of oil, and not a "trans" fatty acid which have now been determined to be harmful to our health. Inferior extraction methods will produce this unsafe "trans" form of evening primrose oil, however this is often a simple extraction method and the capsules are sold more cheaply, but cannot be relied upon.

Q4. If a person takes quite a few different supplements and wants to reduce to just the important ones, would an Efamol product be an important supplement to take?

Yes, absolutely. It is referred to as one of the foundation supplements. The other foundation supplements are probiotics. Out of any supplements chosen these are the first we select from for most people, because without them the basics have not been taken care of. It is like building a house. Efamol products and Natren Probiotic products are the foundation and other supplements like antioxidants, Green Magma barley grass, Vitamin C, minerals and so on are the walls and roof etc. They are excellent for your body, but you will often not receive the full potential from them until you first take the foundation supplements of Efamol and Natren.

Q5. Is there an all-in-one supplement?

Multivitamins are available often in once a day dosages containing lots of minerals and vitamins. However, often the dosages are small and useful therefore mostly as co-factors to help absorption and other biochemical pathways in the body more efficient. Refer to question 5 above because the foundation supplements provide the most important basis for a supplement programme - Efamol and Natren products.

Q6. Do I just follow the dose on the label?

The label dose is a general guideline. Specific doses are required for different conditions. Click here for Efamol product information and suggested use for dosage. Contact Probiotics NZ if you require individual more help.

Q7. Can I take prescription medicines with Efamol products?

Generally yes. There are no specific interactions. However if you wish to check your medication with us before starting Efamol products please contact us at Probiotics N.Z. or check with your Doctor.

Q8. How quickly will I get a response from Efamol products?

Usually within 4 weeks some benefits are noticeable, however the full benefits will occur after 3 months. This is because it takes about 3 months for these essential fatty acids to go into each new cell that is produced in the body. New cells are being formed continuously and old cells dying off. Three months is approximately when most have changed in the body

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